08 January, 2012

Vamos Amigos @ Glyfada

Greece is in 3 day vacation (Epiphany, Saturday & Sunday) & people are enjoying the last segment of the Christmas-New Year holiday season.

Unfortunately, the weather is not good (except for those who went for skiing) and we gave up an idea of travelling.

Just not to be closed in the apartment, we went to Glyfada for a walk. It was cold and suddenly I started to crave for fast food, like a burger. I love Greek food, but as I eat Greek food all the time, it happenes sometimes to be wanting something else.

In Glyfada there is a good selection of fast food place and I picked up a Mexican one. If I call it a fast food place, it will be very annoyed, but it was evident that they had things like burger & hand food.

It is spacious inside and it was written that there was also a courtyard which I did not see.

The decor was of course 'Mexican' themed.

The staff was polite and friendly at the same time.

On the menu there were all the usual 'Mexican' or 'Tex Mex' dishes and there was a good selection of starters, burgers, grilled meat, pasta (?), and things like burrito & tacos.

Vamos Amigos

The starters are around 8 Euro and above and the mains from 10 and above. Not cheap, but to counterbalance the beer is 4 Euro & soft drink 2.20 Euro and there is no cover charge (no obligatory order of water or bread).

Hubby ordered a hamburger with mushroom, cheese and maybe something else, 10.60Euro.


Hubby liked it.

But I liked better my burger with chili con carne and cheese and afterwards he agreed as well saying the next time he will order this one instead.

The meat was over-done to my taste as usual (the Greeks like it well done; what can I do?), but had a nice flavour.

For the side, there was a choice among the rice, potatoes, and salad. I picked up rice. I had an impression that the rice was not freshly cooked and thought I should have ordered salad instead.

At the end, they offered a small glass of limoncello.

We wondered if it contained any alcohol at all. It was like a liquid sorbet. It should have contained Very little amount of alcohol, if it did at all. I am a good judge, as I usually do not drink and am very susceptible to it.

We paid 26 Euro + 2 Euro tip.

Not hugely impressed, but we left with a positive impression. It is not a sort of food I want to eat often (in the sense that I usually do not eat burger of hamburger), but when I want to, I might try again.

Vamos Amigos
Kyprou 65A, Glyfada
Tel. 210-898 3167
Fax. 210-894 3236

And I wanted to add, for those who interested, there are some vegetarian choices. It is quite noteworthy in Greece. And there are some kids plates and it might be good for families. For more, see the menu on their website.

On walking toward the car, we spotted a new Politiki restaurant called Muftak.

This is how it look like.

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