15 January, 2012

Kebab @ Elia, Korydallos

We went to Korydallos for the first time.

No, it was not to visit someone who is in the famous Korydallos prison, but to see restaurants which is my hobby (and, yes, "restaurant watching" is my hobby, although my GH does not understand me).

I actually wanted to eat at Edem http://www.edem.com.gr/, but it was hired for a private function (I guessed it was a baptism party) and we had to look for another. I had another politiki restaurant in mind, but the name was too difficult and could not search with my mobile (maybe you understand what I mean by "difficult name", as it is very famous one with a branch in Gkazi).

That was how we ended up in Elia (if you are interested, it is next to the the Cretan restaurant Pasifai which was closed when we visited.

We thought it was a taverna, but it turned out to be a psistaria (grill). Delivery-take out outlet (below with some tables (above) in palateia (World Peace Square).

In psistaria, there is not much choice than to order meat and that was what we did.

This is kebab portion with pita.

And this is seftalia portion with pita.

Mmmm. Ok. They look like exactly the same because of the sauce on top.

Unfortunately, the kebab was spongy and not to my liking. I prefer meatier and juicier kebabs to these spongy softie ones.

Seftalia was juicy & spicy, and in my opinion, much better.


We ordered also grilled peppers which appeared after the meat. Super.

With a bottle of beer, the bill was about 23 Euro if I remember well. The portion was very generous and filling, so it was all right as value-for-money. Just that I would not order kebab, if I revisit.

Elia Grill
Poseidonos 39 & Megalou Alexandrou
(Plateia Pangkosmikis Eirinis = Plateia Memou)
Korydallos, Athens
Tel. 210 4940101

210 4940101

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