12 June, 2011

W Cataralla View @ Glyfada

From the coast of Glyfada I used to see this big W and had been curious what it was about. So, one day we decided to go to see.

Getting closer, we leant it was actually called W Cataralla View Sea Side Cafe. Long name without making much sense except for "Sea Side Cafe".

Carps! The Japanese people love carps and my grand father used to kept some in his pond, but in Greece I don't seen them often. They made me feel nostalgic.

This is how it is in the inside. Most of the seats are outdoor. I wondered how this place would be in winter. Anyway, it is very spacious.

We had a frappe.

And a waffle. Waffle itself was light and nice but it was overloaded with chocolate and oversweet. I guess it is for the Greeks who loves chocolate and supersweet stuff. So it is OK.

View from the cafeteria.

It is a nice cafeteria with nice view. Plenty of seats and plenty of space to park. We would go back from time to time.


Nice looking plant we saw at the cafeteria.



Anonymous said...

This is an illegal bar.

mesogeia said...

Hi, thank you for the info.
I did not read all of the article you cited, but if it is actually the same place as W Catarella View (as the article says, the name has kept on changing and it is difficult to identify), the illegality has kept on going for 18 years!? That is really impressive.

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