11 July, 2010

Trip to Hydra

Recently I went to Hydra island for a small 'business' trip.


It is a small island in Argosaronic Bay (the bay situated between Attika and Peloponnese peninsulas) and famous for the ban on motored vehicles on the island.

It was the first time for me to be there, but have heard and read about it quite a lot. One of the things in my mental notebook was that it is an island of artists; it is reputed to be home to many artists from every corners of Europe. To be honest, however, I did not see many artistic activities, except for some Europeans selling drawings and small objects on the street.

I have heard also it is frequented by many celebs, which might be true, but my impression is that it was a glory of the past. I guess, nowadays, the celebs go directly to Paros, Mikonos and Santorini by Hi-Speed or by airplanes, without bothering cosy Hydra.

Summing up, some of the things said in guidebooks or by people who had visited the island many years ago belong to the past. It is true that the island is relatively expensive, but, in my opinion, it is because of the middle class Athenians who come to pass their weekends there.

All of these, however, do not mean that Hydra lacks in charm. On the contrary, it is more attractive for those who look for a stylish but not busy island. I am willing to go back to pass two or three days of vacation.

I stayed only one night and ate at this taverna called "Loulou" or "Lulus".

taverna lulus

I ordered aubergine imam from 'magirefta' counter and horta (boiled green).

aubergine imam

The imam was tasty, if a bit too salty. With a big bottle of water and a basket of bread, it cost only 11 euros.

It is on Miaouli Steet and closed only in December-January. If you are looking for a cheap and cheeful place to eat in Hydra, remember the taverna Lulus.

And I stayed in this pension.

Hotel Kirki

It is not a "marvellous" hotel, but good-value-for money sort of place. It is clean and very central. I paid 40 euros/night for 1 person. If you can obtain this sort of price, it is a good place to stay.

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