12 July, 2010

Gefsis Melathron @ Ancient Olympia

I also went to Olympia, about a week ago.

I had been to Olympia twice in the past and this was the third time. The town looked unusually tranquil and empty.

Praxiteles Kondylis Street

Being far from the coast, Olympia isn't really a place for summer, but, even so, it was rather unsettling. Recently I am suspecting that the situation of tourism this summer is worse than what is being said on TV and news papers.

I stayed one night and need to eat at least once. I asked two local people for recommendation: one voted for Aigaio and Gefsis Melathron, and the other Gefsis Melathron and Dionysos. So I went to Gefsis Melathron which got two vote.

When I arrived at 9.15, I was the only customer, except for a few locals hanging around without really eating.

I asked for souvlaki, but the waitress - who probably is the owner - suggested me to order from 'magirefta' cooked by her mother, so I obeyed. I ordered soutzoukakia Smyrineika, served with rice. I also wanted horta, but she did not have any and suggested boiled zucchini instead.

The soutzoukakia had a good flavour, but - unfortunately - too salty for me. If I have had a good serving of boiled vegetable, probably I could neutralize the saltiness, but the boiled zucchini (and potatoes) were far too little and had been seasoned already.

The waitress asked me if I was happy. I said "yes", but it was a lie (if my honesty could improve the situation, I would have said the truth, but it could not). I really don't bear with excessive dose of salt in dishes which should not be salty.

So, it turned out to be a disappointment.

To be honest, what I suspect is that there is no good taverna in Olympia, which is a rather artificial town whose raison d'etre is to cater for tourists who visit the archaeological site. I have eaten three times so far in Olympia, but cannot really say that I have ever eaten well.

Soutzoukakia was 6.80 euros, boiled zucchini 3 euros, water 0.50 euro, bread 0.50 euro, total 10.80 euros. At least, the price was on the OK line.

(Γεύσης Μέλαθρον)
Georgiou Douma 3, Arhaia Olympia
Tel. 26240-22916

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