03 December, 2009

Flocafé Liquid Tiramisù @ Marina Zea

Sunday late afternoon at Flocafé in Marina Zea, Piraeus.

Coffee in Marina Zea is probably the most expensive in Piraeus, more than in Mikrolimano, but the cafeterias here are always full during the weekends. We would like to avoid them, but most of our friends seem to prefer here - many live in the neighbourhood - and consequently we are constrained to come back.

The tree nearby was wearing Christmas decoration.

There was a new item on the menu.

Tiramisù caldo?

Wanting to try something new, I ordered it.

The left one is Tiramisu caldo. The white floth is mascarpone cream and all the rest is mixed together below.

It was quite unusual. It contained a lot of savoiardi biscuits, enough to soak up all the coffee. It really was tiramisu in liquid form. It is supposed to be hot coffee, but all these stuff, the temperature was lowered to lukewarm. Both the texture and the temperature made me think of baby food. Except that baby should not take in cafein.

On tasting it, Hubby seemed pretty disgusted, but I did not dislike it. Not bad. Just... weird. Maybe it was better to be eaten with a spoon, and not with a strow.

On this day, we had an appointment with someone who was coming from Daphni with a car. She was caught up by a heavy traffic near Karaiskakis Studium, because there was to be a match of Olympiakos and football fans were making a lot of fuss (eventually the match was postponed for some time). Unfortunate situation it was.

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