14 September, 2008

NEON in Syntagma Square

If you have ever visited Athens, you must have passed Syntagma Square (Constitution Square) once or twice, and if it was more than a few years ago, you might recognise this sight.

NEON in Syntagma Square

NEON self-service restaurant has been an oasis for tourists for many years. The food was not cheap, but for those who were not familiar with the Greek food to be able to order what you see was convenient. Inside it was spacious and well air-conditioned. And toilets were clean, too.

The photo above was shot in summer 2006. When I heard it had been closed, I could not help revisiting the place.

This is the situation in August 2008.

The signage was just stripped off and the place looks pretty gloomy. According to my hubby, it has been like this for quite a long time.

It is sad to see a large lot of dead shop in the centre of Athens. Next to it (left side in the photo), however, a new restaurant Politi.co has been opened.

It's name has nothing to do with politics apart from the etymology. It serves the traditional food from the Greek Polis, Constantinople - the City in excellence for many centuries in the history of Greek people. Greek "Politiki" cuisine is usually much closer to Turkish cuisine than usual Greek cooking.

According to Αθηνόραμα (Athenorama) magazine, the address is Μητροπόλεως 3, Σύνταγμα (Mitropoleos street 3, Syntagma area), tel. is 210-3232251, the budget is €19-23. There is another outlet in Glyfada.

Looks to be a better choice than fast food places in Syntagma Square.

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