21 September, 2008

Ethiopian restaurant in Athens

A page about an Ethiopian restaurant in Kypseli, Athens was added.


I am not repeating what I have already wrote on the web page above, but I want to go a bit more in detail about what we ate there.

This is Kifto.

According to the menu description, it is "finely chopped lean beef with spiced butter and mitmita (special red pepper)". "Finely chopped lean beef" is minced beef for you and me.

When I ordered this, Elizabeth - the owner and chef - warned me that it was hot (kafteri), but I said it was ok, because I like chily food and, if it is not endurance contest kind of heat, I can eat.

Well, I did eat all of it, but it was close to the limit of delectation. Elizabeth kindly gave me extra chili powder (in the photo), but I did not use it. Although it was fragrant and delicious, there was another problem. Minced meat was very difficult to eat only with hand and injera bread. I would have enjoyed more it with rice and with a spoon.

It came with a small dish of Ethiopian fresh cheese made of buttermilk. It was a kind of cottage cheese, and helped to take the edge of the chili heat from the dish.

Another dish: Lalibela special

Menu description: beef cooked with spiced butter, onions, tomatoes (with or without hot chili peppers or red hot pepper) in a variety of spices.

We could choose how hot we wanted when we order, and Dim wanted "slightly hot".

This one was very delicious without any reserve. Again, it was fragrant and spicy, and had multiple taste layers in it. 10/10 from me. Dim said the meat was tough (it was not slow-cooked dish, so was normal).

Highly recommended if you like spicy food.


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