28 March, 2015

Druid @ Palaio Faliro

Visited Druid cafe/ restaurant in Palaio Faliro.

It is in a residential area of P. Faliro, although it is in a short walking distance from the main street Agiou Alexandrou, and you won't never find it, if you are not looking for it. Also because it is in a converted residential building.

I found the place on internet and have been curious due to many positive reviews. I grabbed a chance to try it, when they were selling discount coupon (25 Euro voucher against 50 Euro value).

The table setting was rather basic, like at a cafe. Indeed some people around us were there for coffees, rather than a meal.

The menu was neither long nor short, and tends toward meat than seafood/fish.

Although it looked like a cafe, we were offered amuse-bouche like in a restaurant. Left side is a layered mousse of broccoli and something else (pumpkin?) which I do not remember any more and right side is home made grissini with yogurty dip.

As drink, we could have ordered wine or beer. We decided to try Argos Star beer which we have never tasted. It is one of these micro-brewery beers and tasted quite nice. 3 Euro only.

As a starter, GH ordered a tart of feta cheese (7 Euro).

I ordered a salad of avocado and prawns, 12 Euro. It included one entire avocado and prawns tasted fresh.

Here is entrecote for GH as main dish, 20 Euro. Nicely cooked, but the meat itself was usual Greek veal which is not really adequate for steak.

I ordered squid-ink pasta with cockles, 15 Euro. The shellfish tasted fresh and not from tin.

We did not order any dessert, but were offered limoncello on the house, with pistachio nuts.

The total bill of all the above should have been 53 Euro, if we did not have coupon. The food was gourmet-ish and the ingredients tasted fresh, but, in my humble opinion, the kitchen is not up to the real gourmet restaurant standard. Besides, for this price, I can think of some other places I would prefer to go.

What do you think?

Afroditis 57, 17561, Palaio Faliro
Αφροδίτης 57, 17561, Παλαίο Φάληρο
Tel. 210 984 8151

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