31 December, 2013

To 25araki (Eikosipentaraki) @ Glyfada again

On 29th December. Sunday afternoon with very fine weather. Needless to say, everyone is out to enjoy the sun, including us. We ended up in Glyfada and looking for a place to eat.

We past in front of several places and some had even queue. Not wanting to wait to eat, we entered To 25 araki (Eikosipentaraki) which was busy but not awfully.

Reading back this blog, we visited here in October 2012 (here), so it is about a year ago. The decor has not changed, but the menu has. I have a impression to have seen more interesting fish-mezedes back then and now there are more simple ones.

The bread was the same as before, except that now there are no brown version. We had 4 pieces this time, instead of 5 of 1 year ago, but 4 were quite enough for us. The dip was a cream-cheesy yogurt with citrus flavour.

The bread was very nice, but I found it too rich to go with other food.

The first to come was mussels with chili from fish-mezedes menu.

It was beautifully cooked. The cleaned mussels were steam-sauteed with mustard, red chili flakes and Greek fresh green chili. For us its hotness was a the right level, but some people who ordered the same dish were saying it was too hot. But, of course, there are normal steamed mussels as well.

And small fried fish of the day, atherina (white bait or smelt). It came in a good portion.

It was fine, but not exceptionally so. The fish did not much taste (out of season?) and was slightly too oily.

The vegetables came a bit late (usually the vegetables arrive first and eaten as a starter in Greece). This is boiled veggies in citrus dressing.

It contained celery, potatoes, zucchini, potato, carrot, leek and finocchio (fennel). It was good accompaniment, but I wanted a larger portion.

At the end is giouvetsi with prawns and mushroom, from main course section.

It was quite heavy with cheese and butter and had a good flavour from prawns. I did not like that the prawns were not well-cleaned, but this I should have expected. The Greeks evidently do not mind eating prawns with sand.

In addition to the above dishes, we had also a 0.5 kilo of white wine, which was very good for a house-wine, and a bottle of water, which was obligatory order. The total bill was about 40 Euro, which was all right, and I really paid only 32 Euro thanks to a discount card.

The price is slightly too expensive without discount card, but for bit of wine and fish mezedes, I find it a good place to visit.

Here is the bill in detail:
Bottled Water     0.90 Euro
Bread and Dip     0.90 Euro  x 2 persons
500 ml white wine     5 Euro
Boiled Vegetables     5.50 Euro
Small Fried Fish     6 Euro
Mussels with Chili     8.20 Euro
Giovetsaki with prawns     13.50 Euro

ΤΟ 25ARAKI (To Eikosipentaraki)
Artemidos 3, Glyfada, 16674
Αρτέμιδος 3, Γλυφάδα, 16674
Tel. 210 8944112

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