22 November, 2013

Trapezaria At Last

I have been wanted to visit this place for a while and finally here we are, to celebrate my birthday. Actually some days later than that, but it was the reason anyway.

This means that I expected that it should be somehow above our usual budget. Guess how much we spent for 2 starters, 2 main courses, 1 dessert, and 2 glasses of wine? You will see the answer at the end of this post (no no, do not scroll down just yet!).

I booked a table for a Sunday afternoon. During the time that we were (about 2 hours from 14:00), only 3 or 4 tables were occupied. So, if you think that Trapezaria is always full and don't like over-crowded restaurants, Sunday afternoon is a good time to visit. I believe that they do not serve Sunday dinner, but their website says that it has started lunch service for weekdays.

I am not sure the name of the location. Is it Makrigianni or Fix? It is somewhere between Acropolis metro station (or Acropolis Museum, if you want) and Fix metro station and the closest archaeological monument is Temple of Olympian Zeus. Do you get me? Ha ha ha. (But I have read somewhere that they are relocating sometime soon; please check the location before you go).

From outside, it looks like a cafeteria or something. At 2 in the afternoon, we were the first to arrive.

The menu is not long, not short. Considering that it is really a small restaurant, however, I see that it needs quite an effort to have that range of things (you can read the menu - not always up-to-date - on their website, if you like).

The bread, dip and olives were obligatory order (1.80 Euro p.p.). All very good, but half the bread went wasted because of the quantity of the food we ordered later). The glass wine starts from 4 Euro.

1st starter was tyropita in kataifi pastry. The cheese wasn't yellow one, but ksynomizithra and it was mixed with siglino and dried fig. Pleasant. In quantity wise, it is way to much for a starter for one person. Best to be shared.

The filling. I might try this at home.

The starter that I wanted was off-the-menu, so this was my 2nd choice. Fried cod youvarlakia (more simply, fried cod & rice balls), served with black mayo and tomato based sauce, and salad (lettuce, green apple, pomegranate etc).

Tasty they were, it was more about the presentation than substance. The red sauce was incredibly good, though.

If you know how much we usually eat, you can imagine how full we were at this stage.

This is GH's main dish, Beef/veal tri-tip and spring rolls of moussakas.

The meat was rich in flavour, but was a bit tough. Spring rolls were also nice, but I am not sure about the combination with beef (i.e. I don't think they enhanced each other's strength).

My main dish was pasta. Black conchillia pasta cooked in scampi sauce with monk fish. You see only pasta in the photo, but actually there was quite a lot of fish morsels. And another think you don't seen in the photo is cheese; it contained a lot of yellow cheese which made this dish quite filling.

GH and I thought this was the best dish of the day. My month waters just by looking at the photo and remember the flavour.

We were dead full, but did manage to finish all the plates. AND I could not not ordering dessert, just because it was a birthday meal.

This is cold soufflé of citrus, served with Bergamot spoon-sweet and mandarin sorbet.

Good. But if I could have shared it in 4 persons, it would have been even better.

Next to our table there was a group of 4 and each one ordered 1 starter, 1 main and 1 dessert and finished most of the dishes, drinking much more wine than we did. I wish I had a better appetite as them.

So the answer to the question: how much did we spend? 58.60 Euro is the answer.

Actually it was less than I expected and can tell you it is quite a good value for money both for the quality and quantity.

This restaurant was as good as I expected. Hope to return soon.

Theodorou Negri 1, Makrygianni, Athens
Θεοδώρου Νέγρη 1, Μακρυγιάννη, Αθήνα
Tel. 2109213500


Doronette NF said...

Thank you for sharing this interesting post. Your pictures look very delicious!

mesogeia said...

They are indeed delicious, Doronette. I wanted to tell you to come and try by yourself, but then I realized that you are in Poland. It is a bit far, isn't it. Nevertheless, when you are in Athens for vacation.... :)