19 October, 2013

Tamam @ Nea Filadelfia

We went to visit our friends who live in Nea Iraklio, northern suburb of Athens, one weekday afternoon. On our way back to Piraeus, we stopped at a Politiki restaurant in Nea Filadelfia where I wanted to go for a while.

Thanks to our car-navi, we arrived at the place with relative ease. What impressed us was how quiet the area was. It was only 8 o'clock or so and there were so few people walking the streets.

It was no wander that the place was empty. Delivery orders also were few, while we were there.

The place was quite large. Maybe 30 or 40 tables (I did not really count them and I can well be wrong), half outside and half outside.

The menu was long with all you expect from a politiki kebab restaurant (but no slow-cooked food).

To start with, we ordered hummus and beatroot. The large pita in the photo is their bread, freshly baked in their oven.

The hummus was nicely decorated with pickles, tomato and parsley, but I found it too sour (possibly from overdose of lemon). Beetroot with garlic (there was a choice between with and without garlic) was very average. The pita, however, was excellent. Not as good as Barba Alexis', but still good.

We ordered also a pastourmadopita, which, to our surprise, turned out to be baked in oven.

The fillings were pieces of pastourma, cheese, and tomato. We loved them. I find usual fried pastourmadopita too oily, while this one is more like pizza. It is pretty filling, though.

So it was a good decision not to order two main courses. Here is our Adana kebab.

They were quite hot. Adana kebab is supposed to be hot, but it is hotter than you would expect Adana kebab to be in Athens (Greeks do not usually eat much chili). And I found them slightly under-cooked.

By the way, GH ordered also fried potatoes, as you see in the photo. They were freshly fried and fine.

At the end, they offered us freshly baked kataifi. It was like poorer version of kunefe.

With one beer, the bill came to 26.50 Euro, which was reasonable.

To me, it was not the best Polikito restaurant in town, but we would return for oven baked pastourmadopita.

Kolokotroni 12, Nea Filadelfia, Athens
Κολοκοτρώνη 12, Νέα Φιλαδέλφεια, Αθήνα
Τηλ. 210 2318163

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