19 August, 2012

Zafiro @ Attiko Alsos, Athens

To avoid the heat of the empty Athens, we went to Attiko Alsos, also known as Alsos Galatziou. We have never been here before.

Just before arriving at the park, we saw many Ethiopians evidently coming out from the church. I knew that there is an Ethiopian community in Patission area, but not this one. Impressed. I hope they too open a restaurant; I love Ethiopian food.

Anyway, Attiko Alsos is a park that occupies a hill in Galatzi area and there are lots of trees.

Inside the park, there is small football court and some playing tools for children. It seems to be an ideal place for a family picnic.

What do you think this box is?

This is supposed to contain bags for dog-droppings. There are many of these in the park. Ok. All are empty and, considering the current economic climate, there is very little chance for these to be refilled, but I have never seen such an attempt in Athens and surprised.

There are some points in the park where you can command panorama of Athens. In the photo below, you can see Lycabettus Hill and Acropolis.

Just in front of the cinema "Theo Aggelopoulos", there is a cafeteria called Zafiro.

There is a good view of Athens. The prices are rather expensive, if not exorbitant. It serves mezedes after 7 o'clock in the evening. The prices of mezedes looks all right, maybe to balance that of the drinks.

I asked a diet coke. To our surprise, the waiter told us they don't serve either Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola. What they have is Epsa Cola (3.60 Euro).

We ordered also a club sandwich.

It contained poor quality ham, cheese, boiled chicken breast, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes. Very average, if not under average. The fried potatoes were fresh, but undercooked. Price 8.60 Euro.

The place is supposed to have WiFi, but when we asked the waiter the password, he told us that he did not know and he did not want to ask the other staff because nobody knew it. How strange.

We want to go back for a light meal in the evening without expecting great food or great service. Just for the view.

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