04 October, 2008

New Upload: Lion Gate and Grave Circle A (Mycenae)

I uploaded two pages this week, both about Mycenae Site.

1) Lion Gate (Mycenae)

This probably the most iconic monument of Mycenae and it really is pretty imposing.

2) Grave Circle A (Mycenae)

This one is not as famous as the Lion Gate, but the golden mask known as Agamemnon's mask, found here by Heinrich Schliemann, is probably as familiar as the Lion Gate.

For more photos and information, please go to the Gate to Greece website.

When we visited Mycenae at the beginning of September, it was not very busy and I did not see any of my compatriots (I am Japanese). Apart from Greeks, I saw many Italians, who tended not to be in tour group, maybe because they come to Peloponnese with own car by ferry. I started to see also Russians and other East Europeans, but not many yet, even though beaches are full of them.

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