27 February, 2006

Naxos, Levkada and Cefalonia

  This weekend I added a page on the Catholic Cathedral and Kastro of Naxos. I don't have much information on these items, and I hope to add in future.
This part of the town was constructed largely in the Crusader period.



I added also a page on Nidri of Levkada (Levkas); telling the truth the place was not so impressive. We would like to return to Levkada, because we did not see much of it, but not interested to go back to Nidri.
This is a statue of Aristoteles (Ari) Onassis standing in Nidri.



I also corrected some of the links in Kefalonia section; now I think much easier to browse from a page to another. The page on Vlachata is a new addition; it existed in the past but has never been linked from other pages.


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