16 December, 2005

Theatre of Dionysos and Around

Two pages added to the section of the Theatre of Dionysos in Athens.

Temples of Dionysos

In the area of the theatre there are two temples of Dionysos, one of the 6th century BC, and the other of the 4th century BC, but the older one was not really recognisable to me.

Collection of the statues and inscriptions found near the theatre.

I don't remember to have seen this installation when I visited the site in 2002. It must have been built before the Olympic Games. Nicely arranged and very comprehensible. Well Done!

And some photos of the Plateia Syntagmatos (Syntagma Square or Constitutional Square).

I heard that this area suffered a bomb attack in the last week. It is like to have terrorism in front of the Parliament House. Very worrying.

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